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The Swiss business landscape consists of over 99% small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). At CG24, we have intensively studied the challenges of these SMEs in order to individually tailor our products to your interests and needs. We therefore offer flexible and uncomplicated financing solutions to help you get closer to your goals faster.

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«business loan»

Release tied-up capital now! The CG24 business loan is fully adapted to your individual needs.

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Together with you we will work out the best possible solution for your company.


Financial flexibility for your company. Optimise your cash flow situation and reduce the del credere risk with us.

Service provider / consultant

  • - Strong fluctuations in demand
  • - Payment periods of up to 90 days
  • - Wages must be paid within 30 days
  • - Big banks do not lend

How to avoid liquidity bottlenecks

Whether you're in the recruitment, consulting or IT industries, we at CG24 Group have the right solution for these challenges.

With our CG24 business loan, your problems are a thing of the past. CG24 Group offers you a fast and flexible financing option so that you can concentrate on your core activities. Don't worry about your cash flow anymore - we make sure you always have enough liquidity!


  • - First the work, then the payment
  • - Not all orders can be accepted
  • - Reliant on short-term financial resources

How to take on more orders

At CG24 Group, we think that capable entrepreneurs deserve to take on more orders and thus grow healthily.

That's why we offer CG24 business loans for small and medium-sized businesses, giving them more financial freedom.

With the CG24 business loan, you escape the everyday vicious circle and gain liquidity - for a dynamic growth spurt.

Young entrepreneurs*

  • - Flexible liquidity is needed
  • - Suppliers demand short payment terms
  • - Financing growth
  • - Money for existing orders only comes after the service has been rendered

This is how the transition to the growth phase succeeds

We at CG24 Group believe that young companies need to be supported. Therefore, we accompany young entrepreneurs in the growth phase with our products and ensure that they always have sufficient working capital.

CG24's individual solutions increase your liquidity and allow you to grow healthily. With the CG24 business loan, you get the financial flexibility to get started with your start-up.

* Your business must be at least two years old and have at least two completed balance sheets and profit and loss accounts.

SMEs with large customers

  • - Very long payment periods of the customers of your customers
  • - Reliant on quick liquidity
  • - Dependence on individual major customers

How to get immediate liquidity

Experience shows that many large companies operate rigid working capital management and extend payment deadlines according to their standards. At CG24 Group, we have therefore made it our mission to help small and medium-sized enterprises with their financial challenges.

That's why we offer our CG24 business loan. CG24 Group offers you a fast and flexible financing option so that you can break free from the dependence on individual large customers. Don't worry about your cash flow anymore - we'll make sure you always have enough liquidity!

Trading entrepreneurs

  • - Immediate liquidity is needed to purchase goods
  • - Sale of goods only months later
  • - Capital is tied up in the warehouse

How to stay liquid

Retail companies often face a financial challenge when purchasing goods. The liquidity to purchase goods early is often lacking. At CG24 Group, we think that doesn't have to be the case!

With the CG24 business loan you get the financial flexibility you need. With it, you can say goodbye to liquidity bottlenecks without worries and purchase your products early and at the optimal time.

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