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What is Marketplace Lending?

Our marketplace brings investors and borrowers together. Borrowers submit a loan application via our platform, which is then thoroughly reviewed by our loan specialists. Once the loan application has been successfully reviewed, the loan is published for financing on the CG24 platform. Subsequently, investors can invest in the published loan and thus finance it.


We always have projects to fit your investment strategy

CG24 offers you various of investment opportunities. Invest directly in private, business and real estate loans. Sell or buy shares you have already made on our secondary market.

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Transparency to our investors is one of our key values

To view the statistics in more detail in the interactive report, please click on the following link. Also, if you are an active investor and registered on the platform, you can download additional information in your account.

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The easy way to invest

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    Registration on the website.

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    Quick online identification.

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    Verification through payment from a Swiss bank account.


Invest in personal,
real estate and
business loans.

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Would you like to increase your risk-weighted returns and diversify your portfolio?

Invest in Marketplace Lending and benefit from the numerous advantages. Marketplace Lending offers both private and institutional investors the opportunity to invest in business and personal loans as well as real estate.

This is how it works

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    Project selection: After successful registration, you select your loan project on the CG24 platform. You have the choice between private, SME or real estate loans.

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    If your desired loan project is fully funded, the loan amount is disbursed to the borrower and the loan period starts to run.

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    Receive a return: Benefit from regular interest payments. CG24 monitors the timely repayments of the borrower. If payments are late, CG24 initiates appropriate action.

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    In the event of any losses, the solidarity agreement kicks in. The default risk is spread over a larger group of investors through the solidarity agreement.


Your advantages as an investor

Regular income

Regular repayments by borrowers give you additional financial leeway.


Your portfolio benefits from high diversification due to the low correlation to traditional asset classes.


High standard of loan assessment and additional protection through default and death insurance.


The Investment Cockpit and regular reporting provide full transparency.

Attractive returns

Benefit from attractive returns from the debt service of the borrowers.


We connect borrowers directly and discreetly with private and institutional investors.

«CG24 offers me an uncomplicated investment opportunity. I consider the risk to be minimal and the yields to be very attractive. I look forward to tracking the monthly repayments.»

F. Herter

«By the way: I am very satisfied with CG24 in every respect and hope that you continue this simple, structured, innovative and intelligent way of working. Congratulations to you and the whole team at CG24.»


«CG24 has fulfilled my expectations as an uncomplicated, transparent and lucrative alternative to banks or securities investments.»

F. Konermann

CG24 - one platform - countless investment opportunities

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