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At CG24 Group, we are shaping the work culture of tomorrow. While our focus as a fintech is always on technology and finance, people and our collective wellbeing remain at the heart of our vision/mission.

Would you like to become part of our team and bring your strengths to us? Then see if we have a suitable position for you. We are always looking for bright minds and ambitious team players.

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This is the CG24 Group

This is what you can expect at CG24

"Be Yourself" - our modern working model. Help shape the new workplace culture of tomorrow.

At CG24 Group, we value our human capital and are constantly working to improve the working environment for our team. With "Be Yourself" we want to promote personal responsibility and enable everyone in the team to create the right working environment for themselves. Our motto is "with fun and joy to new peak performances".

Our advantages at a glance

Flexible working hours (CG24 Group does not have fixed 9-5 working hours). The team chooses the working hours that best suit their own circumstances. Whether you have children or are a night owl, an early riser or a midday athlete, with us you can set your own framework.

Free choice of work location (within Switzerland)


Enjoy 30 days holiday


20 days paternity leave


100% salary during maternity and paternity leave


Free on your own birthday

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