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How does Marketplace Lending work?

We are an online platform for the financing of private and small business loans. Instead of a bank, the loans are financed by private and institutional investors. Our innovative digital platform allows us to make the loan process more efficient. This benefits both borrowers and investors alike. Our borrowers receive low interest rates on their loans, and our investors benefit by receiving attractive returns.

How does p2p lending work







Step 1: Loan request by the borrower

Completely free of charge, borrowers, individuals and companies can submit their loan request directly online. By using the CG24 online calculator, borrowers will have a view as to what their possible monthly rate will be.

Step 2: Send credit application and check credit request

Once we have received the borrower's loan request, we review all the data and use a detailed analysis to determine the creditworthiness of the borrower. In accordance with the loan rating, we create a loan offer with the loan sum, the interest rate and the resulting monthly installments and send it to the borrower. During this process, our borrowers can reach us at any time by e-mail, telephone or via our live chat for questions or uncertainties.

Step 3: Loan project is switched online - conditions for investors

If the borrower signs the offered loan offer, we will turn the credit project live anonymously and our investors will have the opportunity to finance the loan. Before you can invest as an investor on our online platform, you need an account.

You can register for free on our website as an investor and create an account. From this point onwards you can already invest from a minimum sum of CHF 500 in loans from private individuals or companies of different rating levels. If you have decided on a loan in which you want to invest pro rata, you automatically agree to co-finance part of the loan.

Step 4: Credit project has been fully financed

Our private and institutional investors have a maximum of 14 days to finance the credit project and thus grant their investment offer. However, most credit projects are financed within a much shorter period. As soon as a loan project has been financed 100% by our investors, our investors receive a payment notice or their invested amount will be debited directly by direct debiting (LSV, english version?) from their account.

Step 5: The loan amount is passed

Once we have received all payments from all the investors involved, we will transfer the loan amount to the borrower, minus our service fee. This is between 0.6-0.8% for private loans and between 0.6-1% for SME borrowers.

(Example: You have applied for a private loan of CHF 20,000 (rating AA, 4.8% effective interest rate, duration: 24 months) and our investors have financed it, we will transfer you CHF 19'700 after deduction of our service fee.)

Step 6: Monthly repayment

One month after the borrower has received the loan, the monthly repayment of the borrower begins. (Example: the loan was passed on April 13, the first monthly installment of the borrower is due on May 14). We receive the monthly installment of the borrower and we pass it on to the respective investors. For monthly repayment, we deduct 1% of the amortization and interest payment.

(Example: An investor has part-financed an SME installment loan with CHF 5’000, a maturity of 48 months and an expected yield of 7,235%. After deduction of our service fee, he receives CHF 110 per month Note: For the maximum expected return A reinvestment of the investment must be made.)

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