CreditGate24 is now live in Germany

Jun 1, 2021 2:13:05 PM

Rüschlikon, 14.11.2017
The Swiss market leader for peer-to-peer lending just announced expansion plans into Germany. From now on private borrowers, independent entrepreneurs and SMEs in Germany can benefit from the fair conditions that CreditGate24 provides. The development of CreditGate24 in Switzerland and the current interest rate on savings accounts in Germany have strengthened the decision to expand. The principle is based on the successful business model that CreditGate24 has in Switzerland. The innovative online platform connects borrowers directly with institutional investors creating a unique user experience throughout the entire customer journey.


Over the past two years, CreditGate24 has shown how necessary and in demand digital financing alternatives are. Since its foundation in March 2015, over 1'000 loans have been financed by private individuals and SMEs. The requested loan volume exceeds 250 million Swiss francs. In total, loans have already been financed with volume of just under CHF 55 million. CreditGate24 now wants to achieve these successes in Germany as well. With an office in Berlin, CreditGate24 opens up the German market for digital financing and investment.

Loan inquiries are checked by private individuals, self-employed persons and SMEs with their own local team and within a few days borrowers receive their personal loan offer. With an efficient credit check process, costs can be kept to a minimum. In addition, borrowers benefit from favourable interest rates which can no longer be promised by the classic financial institutions. SMEs in Germany can apply for a corporate loan from CreditGate24 with a lending volume of more than EUR 10,000.

State-of-the-art technology provides a simple and secure way avenue to assume a loan. Irrespective of opening hours, borrowers can apply directly online for a loan, and financing is taken over by private and institutional investors. Within 14 days, the requested loan will be funded and borrowers will receive their loan by bank transfer to the specified account.

Negative interest rates on traditional investments in financial institutions increase the demand for lucrative asset classes. With the financing of loan, investors can now benefit from the advantages. In addition to the fact that the financing of loans represent a completely new asset class for many investors and thus they can further diversify their own portfolio, investors in Germany have the opportunity to achieve an attractive return.

For CreditGate24, discretion and security are top priorities. The risk of total default is minimized by the solidarity agreement between investors. All stored data is managed in accordance with German law.



Paul Baumgartner
Head Sales & Products
Tel.: +41 44 515 94 06



CreditGate24 (Schweiz) AG is an independent Swiss Fintech company based in Rüschlikon. The platform connects borrowers with investors online. CreditGate24 offers an innovative digital financing solution for private and SMEs. Modern technology allows an efficient and automated credit approval process. Because of this overhead costs are reduced and borrowers benefit from a favorable interest rates and investors receive attractive return on investments. The financial company has a credit licensing license, is subordinated to the VQF (Association for the Quality Assurance of Financial Services) and is a member of the ZEK and the IKO. Since its inception in March 2015, more than 8'000 users are already trusting in CreditGate24 and see them as an alternative to bank financing.

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