CG24 Group introduces an innovative working culture including fully flexible hours for their office in Zurich

Jun 1, 2021 2:13:05 PM

Zürich, 19.01.22

CG24 Group introduces the scheme “Be yourself” and announces new Human Resources policy for their personnel in Zurich, including a maximum of 40 working hours per week and 30 days of holiday per year. CG24 Group, the largest marketplace lending platform in Switzerland, anticipates becoming the most attractive and best workplace in the country. The new “Be yourself” scheme, sets new standards in the fintech sector as CG24 Group introduces: 

  • Full flexible working hours 
  • 30 days of holidays
  • Free choice of place of work
  • 100% salary during maternity leave
  • 20 days paternity leave

The scheme incorporates core values of the Group’s vision to become the largest marketplace in Europe. “Be yourself” emphasizes the significance our company gives to human capital as well as the importance of trust between employer and employee, quotes Christoph M. Mueller, CEO of CG24 Group. According to CG24 Group, the main scope is to provide the flexibility to the employees to meet their own work-life balance standards. Be yourself” embodies the Group’s fundamental concept of providing their employees with a high degree of responsibility. Thereby, the Group underlines the importance of breaking up old patterns and sets new standards in the modern working environment. This is the first step towards shaping the new workplace culture of tomorrow, concludes Christoph M. Mueller.